Texoma Dine and Save Club
a KTENrewards.com program

About KTEN Media: 

KTENrewards.com and Texoma Dine and Save Club are programs maintained by KTEN Media.  KTEN Media owns and operates KTEN-TV NBC, TexomaCW, kten.com, texomacw.com, mytexoma.com, TexomaFanJam.com along with several other staions, websites and mobile sites.  KTEN Media is located at 10 High Point Circle, Denison, TX 75020 with corporate offices located in Hampton, VA.  KTEN Media is owned and operated by the Lockwood Broadcast Group.  You can contact us at 903-548-4000.  You can email us at info@kten.com.  KTEN-TV has been in operation since 1954 serving the Texoma region which includes North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

About KTENrewards program:

TexomaDineandSave.com is a part of the KTENrewards.com program. The KTENrewards.com program, developed by KTEN to serve as the community matchmaker, introducing local business' to our viewers. KTENrewards.com helps business owners promote unique aspects of their business while providing goods and services with great value in a fun, new and cost effective way. Through the KTENrewards.com program, KTEN will be continually introducing programs within our community that will help benefit our local business while helping our viewers save a great deal of their hard earned money! 

the Texoma Dine and Save Club:

Through the Texoma Dine and Save Club KTEN viewers can enjoy some of our best local restaurants at huge discounts – up to half off – in most instances ! Every Thursday, at 6:15pm during our Newscast, KTEN will release a limited supply of certificates for each of our participating restaurants. Viewers will then have the opportunity to log on to KTENrewards.com and purchase gift certificates from the participating restaurants at discounted prices! Once released, we anticipate supplies will go quickly each week, so we urge viewers to log on quickly and purchase your favorite restaurants. It's important to remember that a new supply of certificates will be released every week on Thursday at 6:15pm during our Newscast, so if you miss out one week on your favorite restaurant, you can always come back the very next week and try again. We will also be continually adding restaurants to the program. If one of your favorite restaurants isn't currently a part of the Texoma Dine and Save Club we invite you to encourage them to participate in our program. For more details on this program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. For a list of the current participating restaurants go here.

Here's some quick details about the certificates:

  • Currently, Gift Certificates are $25 in value.
  • A limited supply of certificates will be released each week (on Thursdays, at 6:15pm)
  • They are valid for food purchases at participating restaurants except alcohol, tax and tips.
  • Viewers will have an opportunity to purchase these certificates at discounted rates, up to 50% off!
  • Certificates can only be purchased online at KTENrewards.com.
  • Only one certificate, per restaurant, per household can be purchased in a 30 day period. (We want to give everyone an opportunity to save on their favorite restaurant)
  • These certificates are designed for immediate use, so we encourage our viewers to use these within a couple of weeks of purchase!
  • Viewers can visit our Customer Service Terms for complete details regarding certificates.